Caracol Trading Co. is a pop-up and online-based retailer of tightly edited, globally sourced collections of home goods and accessories that bring the thrill of travel into everyday living. Our emblem is the snail (caracol is Spanish for snail), who carries her world with her wherever she goes. 

What we focus on when traveling and sourcing:

  • Respect: At the core of everything we do is respect for the artisans who create the goods we offer and the places where we do our sourcing. Yes, that means fair pricing and trade, but it also means that we prioritize understanding the origins of their craft and its significance in local culture.

  • Knowledge: We approach sourcing with a keen understanding of textiles and craftsmanship. As much as carefully cultivated knowledge is a sign of respect, it also helps us find rare, fine and unusual pieces to offer to you.

  • Authenticity: Whether they're rare vintage items or handmade by today's artisans, all of our goods are indigenous to the places where we source them and each piece has a history of its own.

  • Quality: We're picky—and we've had more than a few dealers and vendors charitably point that out—but we're unapologetic about it. The goods we offer are examples of fine workmanship that are made to last.